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ok, I as in my third trip of my consecutive trip bonuses and the person no showed. So I cancelled it. I immediately got a trip request and picked them up and completed my trip. I checked after- no $9 trip bonus! Uber is on he phone claiming that because someone canceled, I lost my bonus. Is that correct?

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Yep, I got one for a pick up in the middle of Arlington Cemetery. Not even sure it was a real request they would not even answer their phone.
Ghosts can push buttons on apps and make things fall off walls and shit,
but their voices are very hard to hear so they don't bother answering.

Problem is, they will often slam your car door (repeatedly) when leaving.
Also, sometimes there is a ...residue for which a cleaning fee will be inadequate.

And they NEVER tip.

Last time I took one of these, it didn't show up on the app, and Rohit was useless.
They did finally let me leave the place behind Fairfax Hospital though.
(Well, I snuck out when the doors were open for visiting hours, but same thing.)

See you at the meetup!
But you won't see me.
Just lots of people you will suspect are me.

PS. I am still pissed you didn't come pick me up in Arlington. BOO!

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I am convinced that Lyft intentionally throws you crazy requests just to get you to break your streak.
They do, I'm 100% sure of it. Lyft really messes with you when it comes to the streak bonuses sometimes...I've had too many crazy far pings for it to be a coincidence. Just this past Sunday I was out in NE across the river at noon to scoop an easy $8 bonus for 4-in-a-row. Got the first 3 in 40 minutes and all were taking little old ladies to/from church. Fourth and final one was a 22-minute ping all the way down in Forestville from Deanwood. Made me so mad that I said eff this b.s., caught an uber d.f. (much more reliable than lyft's) back to the house, poured myself a double Bloody Mary, and enjoyed the rest of the day on the couch.
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