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Congress, with only 535 members and a few thousand staff, has a FAR worse record on sexual harassment than any private sector business.

For comparison, here are the Congressional protocols:
  1. Receive complaint
  2. Read complaint (not required)
  3. Place complaint documentation on floor
  4. Locate broom
  5. Locate rug
  6. Organize 8 congressional aides to lift rug (should be completed during the current two-year session of Congress)
  7. Sweep complaint under rug
  8. If the accused member is of the opposing party, leak embellished details to the media
  9. Express outrage at the leak
  10. Appoint a bipartisan commission to investigate the leak
  11. After careful investigation, blame the leak on the other house of Congress.
  12. Somewhere between step 5 and step 10, quietly terminate the employee who made the complaint.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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