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Congratulations You're invited to join UberAssist

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No thank you. Don't want old people dropping the pin location in the wrong spot. Take me 15 extra min to find them and just to take them to the pharmacy up the street.
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When the program was rolled out I completed the course. Just to find out there's no extra pay for your time. Uber feels our time isn't worth anything at all.

No thanks Uber!
Yeah, no extra pay is bullshit, hell SUV and XL drivers can make $10 more per ride by adding child seats.
You can thank the Ada act for that not uber. It would be illegal for them to charge more... One of the few times they actually decided to obey the law it seems.
About the only benefit I could see from this is an almost guaranteed amount of pax, especially if you are one of a few providing the service. Can't be any worse than puking drunks, and cleanup fees will probably be a regular occurrence.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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