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OK; I have been doing this for five months now and here are my conclusions. Please feel free to respond even if you do not agree but explain why.
1. There is no point driving between 5pm and 6pm unless there is a surge of more than 1.5. $4.80 an hour to sit in traffic is no bueno.
2. I am learning the signs of pax who will give bad ratings before even picking them up. I cancel the ride and move on.
3. If the pax is too drunk or if someone is putting a drunk in the car under their account I no longer accept them.
4. There are areas I will not pick up pax at night. Hell there are areas I will not pick up pax during the day.
5. Obviously the pax can use nicknames. When the nickname is too much to deal with I cancel the ride. Recent example Gheto and yes ghetto was misspelled.
6. It sucks that there is nowhere to wait for riders at Animal Kingdom etc. Fortunetelling has been pretty good there but when I am sitting there for more than five minutes security tells me to move on.
7. Obviously limo companies can sit in the middle of the lobby entrance of some major hotels. I see the drivers chatting it up with the valets there. Even when waiting for a pax the valets tell me to move out of the lobby entrance area.
8. I have no problem stopping along the way as long as the pax is not gone more than five minutes. Have gotten some decent tips waiting and for those pax that do not tip at least two dollars after I waited they get a one star.
9. Everyone is either a five star or a one star. I am pretty even tempered and if the pax wants to play their crappy music, or make crude conversation, etc I do not mind and will give them a five. Attitude, anger that the app is not accurately giving a good place to drop them off, slamming my trunk, slamming my car door, not tipping after waiting for them for five minutes (and by tip I just mean two bucks or more), etc gets a one rating. My hope is that the pax will remember that I gave them a one and when they see my face on the app they cancel and get another driver.
10. I am getting less prone to chasing pax down. If the location is the middle of a field, highway, etc I cancel. If the location is in the middle of a bunch of businesses and not at the one that makes the most sense by the location of the pin I will text them asking what business is closest. No answer? Cancel after five minutes.

Any other suggestions for the list or arguments against what I have listed? I am always open minded.

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The Simple fact is...

You need to remember that the taxi/limo companies literly PAY MONEY for the drivers to sit at the fancy smancy hotels and attractions you are talking about.

There are literal contracts where money changes hands over the table,

They lease the fricken curb as a taxable asset,

As a uber/lyft driver you are not,

Fair? Not for you,

Worth they money they are paying the hotels?

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