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I drive a 2016 sedan and in addition to liability coverage, I also have comprehensive and collision. I like to play it safe. My comprehensive and collision is with Kingstone insurance but they devalue the car at a high 4% every single month regardless of how many miles I put on the car.

My broker said there's another company named Adriatic which values the car at the amount I owe to the bank, but that they are very slow on paying out insurance payments (3 months to a year), and that they also don't pay for repairs to car damage if I fix the car myself and start working before their assessments and payouts. Is that true?

I'm trying to renew my comprehensive and collision coverage but I'm not too sure on whether i'm getting ripped off by Kingstone. Already had a year with them and my broker said they value the cars worth at its Kelly Blue Book value for fair condition.

Any recommendation folks?

Thank you
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