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Committed to Lyft today since they had a no-brainer "guarantee" - drive from 4pm to 6pm, complete 1 ride per hour and they'll guarantee $20/hr. How hard could it be to get 2 rides in those two hours - turns out it was IMPOSSIBLE.

I started where I usually do (and typically get rides on Uber), but nothing on Lyft after 30-minutes. Headed toward Uptown slowly (trolling) and around 3:30pm got two $4.00 rides, and dropped off the last a couple of minutes before 4:00pm near Uptown so I thought I was in a good place....WRONG

I spent the next hour and 45 minutes in Uptown, City Place, Oak Lawn, Turtle Creek, and near North Park mall - NOT ONE FRICKING RIDE..... Seriously......

Trolled back to the 'burbs at 5:30pm - nothing - at 6:00pm turned off Lyft and turned on Uber - I got a DFW run within 5-minutes. I was then busy for the next 3 hours (I don't drive drunks around the grid)... pretty much ride after ride.

I want to like Lyft, but body seems to know about Lyft.

Anybody do well today in DFW?
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