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It's not a bad idea, and I can create the app, the problem is getting the app to most uber drivers, and getting them to use it.

I think we must form a union. I drive and live in Jersey and would love to start a union in this state.

I srtarted driving in April and totally see how Uber looks after its interests, and riders. Noticed drivers come last.

The no tip feature addon may never come, but they need to stop letting riders think that tip is included.
Also need to let riders know that anything less then 5 star rating the give a driver is a poor rating, and that if a driver drops below 4.4 they risk losing the job. Rating a restaurant 4 stars out if 5 is a very good rating, 4 star rating on Uber is below average service. Most riders not aware of this. I have 4.82 rating, but I make sure everything is 100% (clean car, smell descent, friendky, ect). I also on occasion explain the rating system to the rider.

I dont know if anyone ever tried to unionize, but I think its the only way to get things changed by Uber in that state.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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