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Hope to make this a sticky in all city subforums...

CHS Airport Pick-Up Info

We are pleased to announce that we have an operating agreement in place with the Charleston International Airport! See below for information on what you need to know and where you'll need to go.

Passenger Pick-Ups

The map above shows the new procedures for picking up passengers at the airport. Check out the step-by-step guide below for full details:

  1. Drive towards the airport on International Boulevard and turn left onto Porsche Blvd before entering the main terminal area (green line above). Turn right on Air Cargo Lane and head towards the Uber-designated parking lot.
  2. Park in the Uber Parking Area to wait for a ride request (blue box above). Do not leave your vehicle unattended.
  3. Once you accept a ride request, proceed to the designated Passenger Loading Area (yellow box above) to pick up the passenger. You may need to call or text your passenger to figure out the best meeting area in the Terminal.
  4. After picking up your passenger, exit along International Boulevard.
DO NOT PARK IN THE CELL PHONE LOT, SURFACE OR DECK PARKING AREAS, OR ANY OTHER AREAS ON THE GROUNDS OF THE AIRPORT. Doing so may result in a fine or citation, which Uber will not cover.

Your position on airport grounds will not affect your place in the FIFO queue.

Partners must remain with their vehicles at all times.

First-In, First-Out
We have implemented a first-in, first-out (FIFO) policy to ensure that partners will receive trips in the order that they arrive in the waiting area. Think of this as a virtual "line" where the next trip request will go to the partner waiting the longest.

  • You will be placed in the queue once you have entered airport grounds. The Uber Parking area on the map above has been designated as the preferred waiting area. Please only wait in this area.
  • If you leave the airport, reject or cancel a trip, let a trip request expire, or turn off your phone -- you will go to the back of the line. If a rider cancels, you'll remain in your current position.
  • When inside the shaded area, you can still receive trip requests from outside the airport area if you are the closest partner.
  • Note that you will not be able to see your position in line in the app, but it will be working in the background.
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