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Last pax asked if I had seen the article in the Chronicle. I asked him which article he was speaking of. He went into pretty good detail from the article and even commented that he didn't understand why uber would undermine their revenue stream like that. "It's a great service that people will pay for, why would they keep cutting rates at the expense of the drivers? " were his words.
Another couple from the LA area said that since rates were lowered there, surges happen more often and last longer. After the Mayweather vs Pacqiaou fight the surge got to 18x!
So, informing the public is appearing to me to be creating a little bit of a buzz.

We need to keep it up. This is a very positive start. Who has time to set up a gofundme account to raise a little money for the purchase of some guerilla marketing materials?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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