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In NSW there is confusion where Car Seats are required in Public vehicles for kids under 7yrs.

TAXIS DO NOT require car restraints or boosters for kids! Go figure

Hire Cars do need to have approved seats.

I've turned up to many Black bookings where Parents assume I'm going to allow an unrestrained or badly belted kid to ride. Comments like "every other Uber driver was OK with it" or "there won't be a problem" get me really angry.

I quietly tell them that I have way too much to lose to take on such a risk, and those drivers who do break the laws are simply stupid, desperate for the fare or have nothing invested in remaining in this country if things go bad.

I've had arguments with Parents. Once the attitude comes on, there is no way I'd risk a bad rating and cancel.

I carry a booster most of the time and sometimes a child seat (doing pre-bookings where I charge between $5-$10 for its supply).

A Solicitor made this point too me. He said why would ANY "Professional" driver break laws that puts children at risk of injury, making the driver liable for a incorrect service request sent to them by a offshore based company known to have no regard for the law? All this and no extra payment if you do help out.
Agreed. I stupidly accepted a rider with a young child (not sure of the age but only a few years old at a guess). The mother (I presume) said the child was sick (I think they had just visited the doctor) and was too upset to be transported in any other way than in her arms. The mother didn't even want to wear a seatbelt herself. She had a European accent (perhaps Spanish?) which may explain her lax attitude towards restraints.

I should have canned the trip there and then. But I stupidly felt sorry for them and insisted instead that she put the belt around both her AND the child. She very reluctantly agreed but used the "every other Uber driver was OK with it" line on me. Grrrrr.

In hindsight? Never, ever, EVER again. Not without the correct capsules, booster seats, seatbelts etc.

For me, lesson learned. Hopefully others will read this and save themselves the grief because I shudder everything I think about this incident and the risk I placed them in by transporting the child this way. Yes, it's tough love to say "No!" but better for them to be told the correct, lawful thing to do than potentially lose their child and then top it off by blaming me. K*
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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