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What a crazy night. I dropped off a couple groups before the game. Decided to stay in the area. About 1/4 into the game had a lyft request for in front of the stadiums. I have a suspicion it was a KCTG driver just being a tool... I called on the way and tried to tell him to go to the visitors bureau, he said couldn't hear yada yada, I think he heard the FU at the end. I didn't cancel and the trip was still running at noon today, lol. Good thing lyft is a "side chick"....

Moron POlice directed by our criminal mayor was shewing drivers out of the lot about 3rd quarter. So I went to my private staging area out east. End of game waited for a good surge and popped a $21 surge going down town. Got another $21 request on way to down town so dropped off and headed back, I was thinking they would cancel, but nope, waiting in Drury inn lot. Wow there were a lot of people there, my riders said everyone was looking for rides but uber app was saying no cars available.

Got another request out on Hwy 40, the guy was at the stadiums but had friends take him out east trying to get a ride. Smart guy, he was going to OP so nice surge ride almost all the way home.

I'm not big on stadium work but this didn't turn out too bad. Key is to stage out east a couple miles from stadium, wait for surge, go online and take your pick.

Looks like there is plenty of demand for at least 3-4 rounds as long as you don't get too far away from Stadium.
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