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Come on you guys, you have to look at ate real cost of driving. $828 for 77.5 hours. That's $10.69 per hour. You put on maybe 1,500 miles on your vehicle. The cost the IRS allows 58 cents a mile. That's $1,160 minus fuel at $362.00 means you have allowable vehicle depreciation/war and tear of $798.00. You made $30.00 for 77.5 hours of work, or .39 cents an hour. Uber makes $395.00 and you made $30. Good job Uber. Looks like without promotions the pay is ridiculously low.
Just to be clear the IRS number is the number it lets you deduct for taxes.
It's the number they've come up with asking the question: How much does it cost to operate a vehicle for a business?
It is not a generic depreciation number.
If you use the IRS number you don't also get a gas deduction. It's included in that .58 figure.
When you file taxes you either get the number from the IRS (.58) or you get your own because you've logged miles and saved a ton of receipts.
Now would I be happy with working those kinds of hours for that kind of money? No. But I am not this driver and he's the only one who knows if Uber is working for him.
Let's remember folks you are sitting in your car for all/most of those hours (not ideal but better than flipping burgers for 80 hours) and some/most of it without a pax in the vehicle.
And finally who's really upset with getting a check for this kind of cash? Whether you need to work 10 hours or 80 that's some spendable monies.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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