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Chariot for Women (only)

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Hey Everyone,

Is anyone working for this company or has tried to apply for them. Chariot is in New York city and is moving to Boston starting April 19th. As the App says it's for women only, I know that might fly running under the same as women only gyms. But as for terms of employment that would be discriminatory of a persons sex. I have looked at there driver employment application and it doesn't ask the question. (Which no application should) But when they look at your name and driver license picture, they will know that you are a evil man :confused:.

So what do you guys think. o_O
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Just that they are taking their time with the background check. The brand part, I don't know why.
I read the terms and it states driver are all women and they will only pick up women and children. It was founded by a man.
Any company that's willing to pick up children has my vote. Let them deal with the hood rats who ask me to drive them and their 6 month old around without a car seat. Sheeeet.....I'm gonna print some cards out for Chariot/SafeHer or whatever if becomes and give them out to mean female uber pax as an alternative to Uber. Hopefugly I'll never see them again ☺
221 - 222 of 222 Posts
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