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Chariot for Women (only)

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Hey Everyone,

Is anyone working for this company or has tried to apply for them. Chariot is in New York city and is moving to Boston starting April 19th. As the App says it's for women only, I know that might fly running under the same as women only gyms. But as for terms of employment that would be discriminatory of a persons sex. I have looked at there driver employment application and it doesn't ask the question. (Which no application should) But when they look at your name and driver license picture, they will know that you are a evil man :confused:.

So what do you guys think. o_O
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So strange women picking up another women is safer.

Double standards...:mad::mad::mad:
Not going to argue the legality etc. BUT

IT IS SAFER. That's an indisputable fact. Women are less likely to commit violent crimes, and if they do, are going to be easier to fight off.

How many women have been sexually assaulted by other women? By men? Knocked out by a woman's fist? A man's?
Try to quickly name 5 male and 5 female serial killers.

Before men complain about how this is discriminatory to men, maybe they should ask why women fear men in the first place.

And if your daughter were getting a ride from a stranger at 3am to a cabin in a deserted area would you REALLY feel she was just as safe with a male driver as,a female?

And please don't give me the "Not all men" argument.
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You edited your post, but I saw the original. Yes, I am sure that I want to raise the Duke case. Your whole post is a rather poor use of the rhetorical tactic known as praeteritio. My point in raising it was that the Lacrosse players were presumed guilty of what the woman, the police and the DA accused them. They were tried and convicted in the press and sentenced by the University. They were made to suffer simply based on a baseless accusation. This is the point that Dan The Lyft Man was trying to make. All that it takes is that a woman accuse a man of miscreance, especially in certain situations, and the woman's accusation is presumed substantiated and the man's life is, at best, made difficult; at worst, ruined.

Yes, I understand the trauma of having to recall and thus, re-live, on a witness stand such a horrid experience. (I understand it better than you might suspect. I have a personal story from, of all places, the Happy Valley of Western Massachusetts---you know: Amherst, Northampton and a couple of other places.) This is what is partly responsible for the presumption and assignment of guilt to the male when the female makes the accusation, these days. Still, if it is that important to an accuser that the accused suffer the consequences of alleged misdeeds, there is an investment required in that.
If men never committed sexual assaults in the first place, false accusations would be a non issue.

For a long time women were usually not believed. It still happens. In much of the world they are blamed, sometimes with dire consequences, when they are the victims.

I doubt men immediately start worrying about being falsely accused just because they happen to be walking to their car at night in a parking lot and a woman is walking to hers at the same time. But most women will be aware of the man and the possibility of sexual assault. If you imagine one of the two changing direction and walking toward the other, who is more worried (and has more reason to be)?

I don't see men start carrying their keys and mace in their hands at night just to walk to their cars.

As I said above. No sexual assaults and you'll have no false accusations. So fix that.
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I do...

I work for the federal government were we have the GS pay system. Everyone here has equal pay, the only time you have any difference in pay, is in the time you have been here for.

I just don't like people letting me I can't do a job that I already do. (within the law) You know you would feel the same was if the role was reverse.
Working for the government is different. It's the reason many minorities started working for it. Doesn't mean racial discrimination wasn't and isn't alive and thriving elsewhere.
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.......so we can add implying words from my keyboard to your "debate" tactics which thus far amount only to name calling, obnoxious comments and beside-the-point statements. Thank you for providing even more proof to my assertion that your "arguments" are sorely lacking in quality.

In the interest of simplicity, do kindly answer this question: Do you admit or deny that the woman in Durham, North Carolina both "cried rape" and pressed the matter?

I am going to help you out, a little, here. Admit it, and you contradict directly your twice stated assertion that women "do not lie about rape". Admit it and crash goes your chariot. Deny it, and you deny a verified occurrence. Deny it and crash goes your chariot.

In chess, they call it zugzwang. Your move.
I would say men lie about it more.

If you're worried about false accusations then you should be happy another company can handle the pesky, lying women. They can feel safer and so can you. Problem solved.
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What do you call 200 Uber drivers at the bottom of the sea?

A bad finish! :eek:
Bad pin placement.

200 no show fees.
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Sure its going to be safer.
But you cant have it both ways.
Equality is a double edged sword- feminism fought for voting, pay, and equal opportunity employment rights because it covers over 90% of disparity between the genders.
You cant bend the law simply because it blocks a niche business which would make a few people feel safer.

We are a nation of laws.

The only way this thing will fly is as some sort of charity. They may not employ one gender or the other outside of an Entertainment clause.

Hey, there it is! "Dial-A-Lesbian Stripper Limo company".
Offensive, but legal.

You're welcome!
Did you get the part where I said I wasn't arguing LEGALITY? I was ONLY pointing out the fallacy of arguing against it on the safety aspect.

And when there is true equality (we're not even close) and men stop assaulting, abusing, and killing women at FAR greater rates than women do to them, then I'll care about the POSSIBILITY of discrimination with a business model like this one. It's a drop in the ocean compared to the other side.
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This is a very slanted argument. You state that men are evil, and abuse so much more. I realize that the reported rate of men getting rapped, sexually assaulted and such is lower, but it does happen. School boys get taken advantage of, grown men and the like, and nothing is said on it. Violent crimes do happen, and looking at the prison system there does seem a disparity in who does them....You CANNOT punish the masses for something that less then a quarter of a percent do. I am not a criminal, and should not be treated as such.

The safety issue cuts both ways. Do you think that I am welcome of the advances of drunken females? Hint, I am not. I do not like the fact that I have been groped I have been caressed and touched. It made me uncomfortable, but I moved on. Now here is the thing, the groping can be listed as assault, but I did not report it, and I know many other male uber drivers have experienced this. Have I stopped picking up people because of this? No. Would you cry foul if I looked at a too drunk female and went....I've had some bad past experiences with females, so I cannot pick you up. (Even though I know nothing about her.) Also the rate of crimes cimmuted against UBer drivers is higher then on passengers.

Anyway, that's enough for now...If you want to gloss over the legality of something because it's convenient it's not really worth debating things with you.
I simply pointed out that ONE STATEMENT that was said was simply inaccurate.

The simple fact is, men are more dangerous to women (and other men) than women are. You may get groped, but you are much less likely to be a victim of a SERIOUS assault by that woman than a woman is by a man who gropes her. It is a lot more scary for a woman to get groped by a man, than a man by a woman, and if you're going to argue they are the same, then you are deluding yourself. Note, I am not saying it is ok, but it is a much less dangerous situation for the gropee if he is a man and the groper is a woman.

Most sexual assaults BEYOND groping are committed by men, regardless of the sex of the victim. I think the one area where it might be more even is in the teacher/teenage student scenario, where it seems women are catching up with men. But I honestly don't know the stats on that.

Where did I say men are evil???

FYI I think your 1/4 of a percent is a TAD low.
When I was a cab company Official, I made a point of emphasising this policy. The general rule was that at night, you waited until the customer (regardless of gender) was safely inside. Appended to this policy was the statement "............this applies especially to female passengers especially at later hours of the night.........". The Drivers' Handbook for this company that was published in 1934 contained a similar policy statement. This was before there were radios in the cabs (that happened here in 1949, although the first was 1947).

To this day, I do that. I have had more than one female ask me specifically to do that as she disembarked. In fact, more than one female has asked me to wait when we get to the destination when she embarked and announced her address. There was one who did not make the request, but, as I do it out of force-of-habit, she noticed, looked over her shoulder and asked why I was still there. When I explained that I wanted to make sure that she was safely inside, she gave me a dirty look. I reminded her that this was the Big City, things do happen, and, I had both cab radio and wireless telephone at the ready to summon help should someone with a nefarious purpose appear out of nowhere. That changed the look on her face to one of embarrassment. I suppose that I should have gotten out and offered to assist her in the removal of her foot from her mouth.
I'm female and I wait for female pax to get inside. I figure I am in a locked car and able to call for help much faster than her. I also have mace, which she may not have. Not going to talk about guns...

FYI I tell them as they're getting out that I'll wait to see them safely inside. Even with me being female, most get that there is always more safety with someone watching, and seem to appreciate it.

Unless it's a crap neighborhood, I don't worry about the men, unless they are clearly incapactitated. I guess I'm just sexist.
Really, Susan B. Anthony? She fought for white women's rights to be equal to white men. A real freedom fighter that one was. I wouldn't have been able to vote until 1965. A feminist? Please, stop.
I'm confused now. Women got the vote AFTER all men, including non white men, did. What am I missing here?
It's not. Its actually lower then that (.1%) according to the department of justice, but i inflated to account for unreported cases. That number also does tell who, just that it happens.

Also you may not of said it, but it was infered or implied by the tone of the conversation. You are painting men in a light that can only be called evil. I understand you are sexist and about women rights, but it should be about equality.

Equal means we are treated the same, and that neither of of us are descriminated against. I am male, but that shouldn't be a consideration when doing business with me. That has nothing to do with the service and is as superficial as looks.

Also, i expected you to make light of assaults against men. That is a very common reaction, and something that any male who has been assaulted fights against.

On the cell phone so there will be errors.
I'm not making light of assaults. I'm just saying men are more dangerous to women AND OTHER MEN, than women are to men. Period. And that is a fact, backed up by statistics.
Women just can't have it both ways. They can't claim equality on the one hand and at the same time claim to be afraid of men. If women are truly intimidated by men, then it's no wonder they earn 70 cents on the dollar in the workplace.
That's like saying a black man in the 50s shouldn't expect equality because he was afraid (rightfully so in many cases) of being lynched. The two are not related.
Very valid point. I wonder how many of us men have 'technically' been assaulted. I know I've had at least two women that I can think of that reached over and kissed me on the cheek. I've had at least one woman grab her breast and talk about how big they were. (That would be the equivalent of a guy grabbing his penis and telling a woman driver how big it is)
So technically how many of us guys have been technically (a woman kissing you on the cheek or hugging you unexpectedly, etc) sexually assaulted?
As a man, you can likely overpower most women, and are in little physical danger from one "technically assaulting" you. You are COMPLETELY missing the point and when you start talking about "technical assaults" you are insulting people who are real victims. Male AND female.
WHITE women got the right to vote after WHITE MEN via the women's suffrage movement. Black people in the south weren't allowed to vote until The Voting Right Act of 1965. As a black woman living in the south I wouldn't have been able to legally vote until 1965. Does that make sense?

The point I was making was that Susan B. Anthony would have done f*** all for me, a black woman.
The 1965 voting rights act simply made the right to vote enforceable. It made it easier for blacks to do something they technically already had a right to do.

I get your point, but not everyone lives or lived in the south. Black men had the right to vote, and many DID long before ANY women. It is true there was a large portion of the country where exercising that right was difficult, if not impossible, but women didn't even have the right anywhere.
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I say let those women that prefer to have other women drive them, do so. It's a fact that some men are more aggressive and violent then women. All violence should not be tolerated in this day and age. If a faction of a certain group can not behave that entire group becomes suspect. Men need to clean up their group. Easier said than done, but until then women need to feel safe in a pay for service. That's part of what they are paying for. As a male driver I go out of my way to help my female passengers feel safe. E.g. park in a well lit area for pick up on residential streets. Say their name as they approach. Keep any conversations on a professional level. This isn't purely about whether or not the female passenger will be accosted, rather can she relax and not have to have her guard totally up with a stranger that could overpower her. 99.99% of women do not use physical force to force themselves on another person. Pretty certain that is not the percentage with men. Maybe 98%, but nobody wants to risk if they do not have to. That 2% is enough to make the ride less relaxed.
Thank you for getting it.
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Here is an interview with the two founders :rolleyes:


It gets me a little mad on a couple of points like:

"The service will fully tailor the experience to women, including free ride incentives, and beauty services en route, offering passengers 15 minutes makeovers in the back seat" WTF really.

and that a person like myself is a danger to all women (mothers, children) around the world that use any rideshare service. So strange women picking up another women is safer.

Double standards...:mad::mad::mad:
I just read the article and nowhere does it actually state there will be no male drivers or pax. It just goes on about technology making it safer. I get the impression that it is marketed to women, as drivers and pax, but being careful not to actually exclude men.

They're partnering with Mary Kay. Well most Mary Kay salespeople are women, as are their customers, but they don't exclude men. Men just aren't that interested.

I think maybe they're doing the same thing? If I'm missing something let me know.
Ya and the thing that is more funny about that is.... so are you looking for drivers or Makeup artist? That's saying that all women know how to put on make up or give a proper makeover. My wife even thought that was kinda wired to ask a women driver to do.
It doesn't say they expect the driver to do that. But they are partnering with and recruiting from Mary Kay. So that's likely part of the parnership.
Don't have to sue or shut it down. It will shut down by itself.
Promoters forgot that Female species are the worst kind when it comes to trusting their own/same species. & no offense imagine the amount of *****ing & whinging.
So you're complaining about sexism by being...sexist?
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This is from there app on the Google play store. Driver App is the same... Its the past that says "only".

*****Calling All Women****** Have you ever wanted to drive for a rideshare service but the thought left you feeling insecure? Chariot For Women will help resolve those feelings. Chariot For Women is a rideshare club driven by women for women and children only.
Had not seen the app. Was just reading the interview that was posted here. I didn't realize it was actually up and running.
So, women are allowed to be in fear of men. But, men can't be allowed to be in fear of women? How is this equal?
Actually, when it comes to Ubering men and women should be more afraid of men. Men commit most of the violent crimes, including murder. But when it comes to sexual assaults women are more likely to be victims. When men ARE victims of sexual assault, it's usually also by men.

This is not bashing, it's simple fact. Regardless of your sex, you are statistically much safer with a female pax OR driver than a male.
If black men in 2016 had to start their own rideshare service out of fear of white men, then I'd say they aren't equal.
Which goes to prove women aren't equal IN 2016, doesn't it? Going by YOUR statement.

And btw black men still aren't equal when it comes to many things. Neither are black women, women in general of ANY race, in fact when it comes to ANY race, the best thing to be is STILL a white man.

Money, of course, helps. Better to be black and rich than white and poor, but all else being equal, it's better to be white and male in terms of opportunity.

Hang on while I get my popcorn...
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