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All of you are forgetting one important fact (and how do you think we have rights as drivers when Uber has completely proved that we are indiscriminate bugs to be scraped off the bottom of their shoes????): we are not EMPLOYEES of this company. We are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS. I am sure that this company already looked into the legal ramifications of all of this and just based themselves off the Uber experience- don't hire people- bring on independent contractors, who are NOT considered employees, and therefore NOT subject to this whole discrimination stuff. All of you negative nancys can go whine all day long and waste your money on lawsuits and beat your heads against your car doors all day long, but at the end of the day, fuber gave them all they needed to operate without fear that their business plan will be disrupted by anyone. Now, they also elect for drivers to have taxes taken out, but they are still considered independent contractors. This company will survive, and it will do well. I've spoken to many of my female passengers lately, and they have said they preferred female drivers. Not to say that male drivers are all evil penis driven rapists, but the stories they relayed to me: being hit on by male drivers (in their opinion), being driven in circles or taken the long way to work and feeling too intimidated to say anything, middle school and high school girls being hit on by drivers and not knowing who they can talk to to report it, stories from male drivers talking about how they got the women's phone numbers, or had sex with them, etc. Can you really blame someone for coming up with a company like this?

Now, the whole thing about having your mani/pedi or makeup consultation in the car? That's just straight up stupid. It's beyond stupid. It's "stoopid".
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