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I Hope you guys sue Hooters, Winghouse and Tilted Kilt while you're at it. A lot of women refuse to ride with male uber or Lyft drivers for fear of safety. I know I don't after a certain time. Nothing that a male predator loves more than being isolated with a vulnerable woman in the back of their car. How many news stories have you heard where a female uber or Lyft driver was doing something nefarious? Don't worry, I'll wait. There is nothing wrong with this. Get over yourselves.
Your point is built on the fallacy that male rideshare drivers are somehow more nefarious due to the fact that they are a rideshare driver. That's nonsense propagated by the media. A BAD Uber driver story is extremely entertaining, but buying into the wide brush stroke is ludicrous. There are criminally minded men and women in all walks of life, in all professions.

Jody Arias worked for LegalShield. How many news stories have you heard where a male LegalShield work-from-home salesperson was doing something nefarious?
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