Set out Friday night to make some cash. Left the office about 5pm, didn't bother washing the truck since it was raining/drizzling. Did vacuum out the weeks worth of cheerios, and other toddler crumbs. Tossed the car seat in the bed, and flipped on the apps. Got a Lyft ride 5min away for a 25min ride. Good way to start the night, away we go. Completely uneventful ride, nice dude but kept his earbuds in the whole time, just wanted to get home from work.

Finished that one and flip Uber back online. Immediately get a ping for the local Hotel/Casino. It's literally about 600 yards from me, but on the other side of the river. Going to be a 25min drive to get the pickup since I have to drive to the nearest bridge, cross over, and come back. Ride details show it's a 65min drive Northeast. That would put it clearly into the "nice" part of town, and 65min is a pretty long ride. I accept and I'm off.

Immediately start getting text messages from "Jeff" (names changed to protect the innocent). "Hey, just wanted to let you know you're picking up my girl from the hotel lobby and driving her home....You OK with that? The last 3 Ubers have cancelled on me". This seems a little sketchy, but it's early in the night, still light out, and this hotel is well travelled, so it's not like I'm picking up in the bad part of town after 2am or something. I reply "As long as she's over 18, and I get paid we're good". He comes right back with "Don't worry I'll throw a good tip in the app, thanks man." So I proceed on.

Once I'm there I can't find this chick. She is NOT in the hotel lobby, NOT in the hotel Valet lane. So I call up "Jeff". "Hey dude, where's your girlfriend? I can't find her anywhere." He says, "Sit tight I'll find her." We hang up, and I start debating my options. This is a lucrative ride out. Probably in the $50 range, and it puts me in a good location to continue, but WOW this is being a pain in the butt to find this chick. 2 minutes later I get a call back, "She's in the casino valet line, not the hotel valet line." Sweet, I whip over there, and sure enough there she is waving me down.

She hops in the front seat (which is still odd to me), we begin the ride in the app, and away we go. Getting out of the casino is a pain since they're under construction, I end up hopping a curb to get out of the valet line (a sweet benefit of driving a large pickup, I kinda drive where I want when needed), and we're on our way. I was about right on the destination. Not quite as prime as I would have liked, but still a nice area of town, in the suburbs that would put me into a great position for another good ride after this dropoff. Worth the PIA to find and secure this ride at this point.

Conversation begins......She's quite chatty, and I'm getting all kinds of information about her, her friend that happens to be a guy that is paying for the ride, and her chosen profession. She informs me that she's an "exotic dancer", and sometimes takes "side work" from clients at the club. Apparently this is quite lucrative work, as she follows this up with...."This is a really nice truck, and you seem like a nice guy. I need a driver for a couple hours. Will $80 cash get me 2hrs of driving?" I ask where we'll need to go, what stops need to be made, and get a general feel for the plan ahead.

She informs me she needs to go home, quickly clean up, then needs to stop to get something from a friend at a local restaraunt, and stop by the liquor store, and then a ride to work. I work out in my head about 50 miles, and about 2hrs time. I counter back with "If your career is this lucrative, and you really need a safe good ride to all those places, you won't mind $50/hr. $100 will get you a driver until 8pm." She agrees, and quickly peels off (5) $20's from what is quite possible the largest roll of cash I've seen in a decade.

So the rest of the ride goes pretty non-eventful. Uber ride had her going home, but the stop at the restaurant was on the way. I left the meter running while she ran inside. She said the guy paying was expecting a stop. Took 3 min and she came back out with food and drinks. Then to her home. Finished the Uber ride there. $55 fare, and the guy tossed in $1 tip (thank's for "taking care of me in the app" guy). She was here for ~15min or so. I stayed in the truck and surfed the interwebs and called and talked to my wife. Made sure she was cool with what was going on. "All about the money," I was told, and we agreed for me to carry on. Once Dancer-Girl came out, we made a stop at the liquor store (where she offered to get me a few shots, that I declined), then on to her place of employment.

So this part is odd to me. Her place of employment.........Here we have a certain street that has like 10 strip clubs all in a row. I think there are only like 12 in the whole city and 10 of them are here. There are 2 really nice ones, clean, well ran, legitimate businesses. Then there are 8 or so that are shady.....VERY shady.....I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I wasn't expecting to go to the super shady one. That's where she was headed so that's where I drove. Pulled up and let her out. No big deal right. Nope, she left a bag in the back seat, crap. I honk, she doesn't turn around and goes in. Guess I'm going in as well at this point. I walked in, told the bouncer what was happening, he waved the cover charge and directed me to the bar where the bartender could page her.

Let me just say, I've been in a few strip clubs in my younger/wilder days and NEVER have I been so anxious to get the hell out of somewhere. My boots were literally "sticking" to the floor as I walked, and the "talent" on stage was, well, not great. Of course it was dimly lit, and music was entirely too loud, but it just had this air of sketchyness to it.......Anywho, Danger-Girl shows up now topless. Says thanks for returning the bag she didn't realize she forgot, and hands me another $20 bill. At least it paid off to be honest this time I suppose.

So in the end, I made $176. Ping came in at around 5:45pm, and I dropped off the bag inside at just before 8:00pm. 2hrs 15min of work. $78/hr. Drove a shade over 70miles for all the stops. Also had the added bonus in there of not getting abducted, robbed, or otherwise endangered. I'm going to call that a win.......Live to drive another day.

I'm curious though. How many people here would've taken that risk on the long pickup for longer ride to begin with? Also, how many of you would've taken the cash for the "non-uber" rides around town? Anyone else have similar situations pop up? How do you handle it?

Hope everyone had a safe weekend. I'm looking forward to some replies!