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Car Logbook question

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I just joined UberX partner recently. For the tax purpose, the driver need to keep and record logbook for 12 weeks and valid for the next 5year.

Quoto from ATO : "The number of kilometres travelled for each journey recorded in the logbook (if you made two or more journeys in a row on the same day, you can record them as a single journey)."

Question 1: Do I need to record every single (Each) trip KM to KM in my logbook? For example I took 20 trips a day, do I need write all 20 trip in 20 column?

Or I just need to write the KM to KM that I used for the business purpose a whole day? like 20 trips for a single column?

Question 2: Switching to Online mode on the Uber app from the Starting day, does it count as a Business KM? Finish a trip and going to pick up another customer, in the middle of the car mileage, is it count as personal use or business use? and finished the trip and go to home, is it count as personal use KM or business purpose KM?

Thank you
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You start Uber for the day, write down kms/date/time etc in your log book. Do your uber trips etc as per normal, then when you finish Uber write down your ending kms/date/time. You don't need to keep a logbook for EACH uber trip, but you do need to keep one for each uber 'shift' as such.

So if you head out to do uber once a day for 8 hours straight and do 30 uber trips in that time, you only need one logbook entry, not 30.

From here you can work out that you did say 10,000kms over that 12 weeks, of which 8,000kms had been for uber aka business. So your business usage rate is 80% for tax purposes.
Thank you so much, Big help.
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