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Hello everyone,

So, I've been trying to get started delivering but every time I access my online account it tells me I'm offline.

I've sent three messages through to Uber to try and resolve it, and each time I get back a template answer telling me this:

"Thanks for reaching out,
We have taken the opportunity to review your concern and can see that you have previously reached out to us about this issue. Thus, we’ll be closing this contact to streamline our communication and avoid any confusion.
Please reply to the other thread if the issue is unresolved or you have any additional questions.
We appreciate your patience and understanding."

but when I go back to the original message, there is no message reply box. End result, I've hit a dead end. :confused:

If you have had this experience, or know someone who has, could you please let me know how things got resolved finally?

I've checked all the possible reasons and I'm good with all of them like; I have a 5* rating. I've a new phone, recent app update etc,. etc. What's going on!? :unsure:

Your help would be very much appreciated.

Happy riding! :)
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