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Ever since the recent updates to the driver's app, I get to a pickup location, wait 5 min (usually I give it another minute or 2 just to make sure), then I hit up "RIDER NO SHOW", and never get paid the $5.00 cancellation fee. Is it just me or is it happening to anyone else?

I usually backtrack that trip and report it as "there was an issue with my fare" and put in the pickup location. When support emails me, I tell them that I waited over 5min and called, no answer and they'll give me the $5.00 cancellation fee to my account. But it's happened over 10 times recently and pax like to not show up alot. Come on Uber, start caring about your drivers for once. We shouldn't have to email back and forth just to get reimbursed for a cancellation fee, it should be like how it was a couple months ago before the updates, where the fee applied automatically.
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