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Yesterday, I only gave ONE ride. :(

First request of the day, 15 minutes away....I get there, and after making me WAIT 4 minutes...AFTER the 15 minutes it took me to get there, a family of 4 with 2 SMALL children come out from the hotel.

No car seats. :eek:

I immediately Re-LOCK the unlocked doors when I see them headed to my car. I crack the driver's window and let them know I cannot take them without car seats. Of course, I get attitude from them and NO apologies for wasting my time/gas in coming to pick them up. I inch forward slowly and wait for them to cancel. They canceled and I checked immediately to make sure I got my $5. I did.

Now, I knew what was coming, so I prepared for it. I had told them they need to request a TAXI since they can legally take them with no car seats. But all I got from them was a confused look and no response and a "I keeel you" type stare from the father. :confused:

I prepared a text message to send to them when I get there re-request. And re-request they did...3 more times. :rolleyes: (The text politely reminded them that yes indeed....ALL Uber & Lyft drivers need to obey the same childseat laws and that a local Taxi can take them legally and they need to call one.)

Anyway, I'm telling you this story because I don't know if it is related to the next 'canceled by rider' text that I noticed on my phone about half an hour later.

Then, when making my screenshots in case I get flack from the pax later...I noticed a 'CANCELLED by RIDER' text even though I had not accepted a request from a rider with that name.

Long story short, what happened there? :confused:

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People are [email protected]#ing stupid. Car seats are a law for a reason! Nothing gets under my skin more than a pax asking/expecting me to risk my credibility for them.

You did the right thing and I thank you for it.

Now for your original inquiry, that happens to me sometimes. I will be driving around waiting for a ping and suddenly see a "request cancelled be rider" notification but no ping. I assume, I was about to get a ping and the rider cancels before it actually pings? IDK

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I work mornings.
Every morning a get at least one call and show up to see small children.
Sorry, you need car and booster seats.
"But the other drivers all let me!!!!"

Sometimes I get the cancel fee and sometimes I don't.
I am about to fight for 2 more from this morning.

If any class action wishes to sue Uber/Lyft for this systematic violation of the law and endangering childrens' lives, I hope they do.
This is systematic.
Pax believe that Uber is authorized like a taxi to transport children. Its not.
Drivers even dumber than me, believe that they should transport children without these seats. They should not.
Uber/Lyft refuse to notify passengers and drivers of this law.
Uber/Lyft refuse to provide cancel fees to drivers that refuse to endanger children.
Uber/lyft continue to to tell me that I should be providing this ride, and they would pay me if I did it, but will not pay me for not breaking the law.
Uber/lyft knowingly and continuously refuse to notify the passengers and the drivers that pick up after I refuse. They reward the driver and passenger that broke the law 5 minutes after me refusal and punish the one that did not.
Uber/Lyft know that every time a driver refuses to accept children the next driver that accepted took those children.
They know this, and encourage it.

I hope some state fines the hell out of them. And then another state follows. That's the only way they will change systematic encouragement of driving children without child seats.

Attornies General, this is the easiest sting you can conduct. It is systematic. You would look like a hero on the news in a "save the children" bs way.
Government agencies, this sting is too easy and you get you picture in the paper.

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I had one last week, 3 kids but only one needed the booster seat. I got out of the car to ask them to bring a booster or I would no be able to pick them up, the mother went back to the house got the booster seat and then told me "most drivers don't care". My response: "I know, but I do." Got 2 dollar tip on the app and 5 stars.

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Nope, nope. Don't risk safety of kids and baby. Had a pax from airport with a baby. Guess what, no car seat or baby carriage. Pax said she will hold baby, but i don't want the safety of the baby on me.

And yeah, pax cancellation text happens usually when they cancel instantly after requesting.

Happens usually when:
1. Pax wants his friend thatd with him to get request.
2. Pax after getting dropped off, wants to get you to drop him off at a different location.
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