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Cancel & Charge

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At what point do you guys do the ole Cancel and "Rider No Show" thus charging them the $5 fee? With me ive had two in the last two days and im so sick of these stupid ****ing people taking 7-10 minutes to gets downstairs or outside. So this is my new formula:

-Hit the arrive button and wait 2 minutes
-After 2 minutes send a text
-If no reply, wait 5 minutes from the time of the text
-Leave and cancel.
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I text when I arrive and wait 6 mins. If I get a phone call or text within the 6 mins I MIGHT wait longer but otherwise I'm gone at 6.
I adjust depending on situation and time of day/week. i.e. the auto cancel after 6 min would be on fri/sat nights.

I had got a $5 last night even though the pax's were outside and trying to scratch their way into my car.
Only problem was the 3 young ladies had open liquor partying in front of a St. Albert house and refused to put it down/discard it.
I told them to cancel and request when they were ready. They continued to drink so I drove away and cancelled for them (by now it had been 5 mins since I arrived).
I sent a 'concern with pax' note about the open liquor and this morning I awoke to see I was given the $5.
I'm especially wary with condo/apt/bar pickups. With Fri/Sat night bar pickups I don't even start driving the usually short distance until I have them on the phone and confirm that they are outside or immed headed outside.
"I sent a 'concern with pax' note about the open liquor and this morning I awoke to see I was given the $5."

So did you not get your $5 initially and had to file a note to get it? Ive cancelled and charged twice and both times its appeared on my invoice. I do take notes however in case Uber contacts me about it.
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