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To my mind, this editorial is unfair to the ACT Government and its regulatory model for rideshare in the ACT.

It suggests that the legalisation and regulation of rideshare in the ACT was rushed to ensure the ACT had the first legal and regulated system in Australia rather than the best.

It's true that the stage 1 process took place in about three weeks including the amendment of legislation. This ensured that rideshare in the ACT was fully legal and regulated from when it began on 30 October 2015.

Some of the regulatory requirements were deferred until stage 2 to ensure smooth introduction.

The editorial suggests that it would have been better to have a much slower process as other Australian jurisdictions have done.

My view is that the regulatory model in the ACT remains the clearest and the best model in Australia and that nothing would have been gained from delay.

The first sentence of the editorial that Canberra's taxi industry is unlikely to last much longer is fanciful. Taxis, rideshare and hire cars all will continue to make a valuable contribution to on-demand transport in the national capital.
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