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LMAO, out in Lake county, the typical rider is only going 3 miles and doesn't tip. The number of drivers drops from 6 to 2 by 11 pm and zero by 1 am. Yes, NO ONE is making the final bar call pick ups. Pull up your rider app at 2 am and see not one driver in the whole county and yet there is no surge.
Customers that you are dropping off in downtown Willoughby are always quick to tell you they will need a ride later (at no specific time) as if you will park nearby and wait hours for the chance to earn $2.40.
I tried brushing off one customer by saying "I doubt I will work late, but there are other drivers in the area". He snapped back that there is never any drivers late at night and directly asked me to be available. I explained that short trips don't even add up to minimum wage and then I have to buy gas and maintenance so I wasn't sure if I would work late.
They then exited from their SHORT TRIP without a tip.
Pricing on short trips needs to be DOUBLED. Mighty pathetic when 6 drivers can't be bothered with the closing crowd. Why would anyone want to deal with drunken a-holes who will demand that you let 6 riders into your 4 seats, then puke and shit rate you for $2.40 before expenses?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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