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"Can you not pick up the other passenger?"

(On a pool trip in the heavy rain Friday)

Says the bratty entitled UCLA ugly millennial chick that thinks she looks good.

My response "whoops, oh wait, you ordered a pool right?

Here's the cherry: "YEAH I ORDERED POOL BECAUSE IT WAS LIKE 4 times the price"

My response "Yeah I'm so sorry but on pool rides they automatically add rides to our trips now, it's not like before where we couple choose not to accept" (knowing damn well I could stop new requests and cancel the other pax, I cancel all the time and do not fear deactivation.)

So it's in a 4.5x surge ucla and I literally don't care to finish the ride quickly to get to new pings, I'm just loving seeing her suffer and be pissed. To top it off 2nd ping made us turn around and go all the back up the windy ucla route which totally pissed her off, then finally THANK YOU GOD a BING BING BING 3rd ping came in and then she was irate. Didn't give 2 phuqs about my rating.

Take that mega mwa haha hahahahamwha
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