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It's near Melbourne, Australia.

@Kash89 How much do you usually make in comparison to today?

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Trust me on this don't set goals that you want to make $100 per day. It took me almost a year to learn that. The problem with setting a goal like that is that it forces you to work during hours that are not profitable.

I'm not sure if this is good comparison because I did some Amazon Flex this week and did not drive any for UberEats. I made $1268.88 for the last week in 52 hours or about $25.00 USD per hour or about $180.00 per day.

Amazon Flex is Amazon's package delivery service if you don't know that.

I'm also not a full time driver. I work full time in a restaurant and I drive deliveries whenever I feel like driving. I honestly don't think anyone can make enough money to do this full time. Most drivers quit because it cost too much and the payout is so low. When I started I was making $2.79 per hour and I can understand that it sucks baking in a car for $2.79 per hour.

The problem is that if your just working UberEats that is why your not making any money. Here in Minneapolis Uber has been losing customers. Less customers is less trips for the UberEats drivers and less money. It's not that there are less customers it's just that the customers are buying food delivers from other companies. What you need to do if the customers switch to next big app Stuff on a Plate. You need to switch to delivering for Stuff on a Plate.
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