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Can undocumented immigrants drive U/L?

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Yours truly picked up a pax in Minneapolis this weekend who genuinely surprised that I'm "actually from Minnesota" because, she said, most of her Uber driver are immigrants (doesn't surprise me) including a significant number whom are undocumented (this surprised me!), and begged the question....

Can undocumented immigrants driver U/L?
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Illegals can certainly drive rideshare. The reason I’m doing this shit is because I’m laying low because of a party I went to a couple Januarys ago that got out of hand. My fake ID literally says Rampage. Once this witch-hunt dies down I’m back in the real workforce.
I mean a green card whenever it was issued
when my paternal grandparents came her the only requirement to enter the us was a little money and good health ie open borders

i agree that the way we deal with refugees and immigrants needs reform but we also need folks willing to work. The guy I’m calling to try to get my boat running again ( the outboard engine went under water during Ian) is named Jose. The guy with a chainsaw and crew, that cut up the downed trees and hauled them away after the storm is also named Jose, the guy that cares for my pool is also an immigrant. He is from England and he told me he has overestimate his visa. Every other home on my street is getting a new roof and Spanish is the only language I hear from the workers. And today the guy that repaired my refrigerator was from Cuba. I have no idea whether any of these people are properly documented and I don’t care. They are hard workers and we need them. We have work that needs to be done and they do it. We need immigrants if for no other reason than we have work to do that too many of us won’t do
Maybe Gus and Chuck don’t do those jobs anymore because the 20 new Jose’s in town are making it unprofitable because they are bottom feeders In a race to the bottom in wages.
1 - 2 of 60 Posts