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Can drivers see a weekly history of promos, boosts, quests that they were offered?

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Do drivers' apps have a weekly archive buried somewhere listing the promos that have been offered to them? I'm trying to check my earnings from the past few weeks and months to see whether I missed any promo payments that I should have received. Up till now, I haven't printed out/saved the weekly offers so I'm left to rely on my sketchy memory. Anything emailed to me, I still have, of course. But some "boosts", in particular, only get displayed in the driver app under "opportunities", and they disappear the minute they expire. The "boost" area map doesnt' seem to change but the eligible days, hours and amount do vary from week to week, as do specific requirements (such as having to be driving in the zone when accepting a ride, or sometimes a driver OR customer within the zone it's ok ... and sometimes a ride must be finished --not just started-- within the time frame to qualify.) ... Am I just out of luck?
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