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I was out driving last night in Jax Beach and I caught two different taxi's picking up Uber drivers. The first one was on the phone with the guy and when he showed up the rider was trying to do something on his app with the driver...Uber? The second one was a female. she pulled over at a light next to me in a parking lot and I seen that she was on the Uber app and she was cancelled. These two people are with the same company and I did write down the numbers on the side of the cars....I was also told the other day when I was driving that a rider ordered an Uber and the same company showed up. She was upset that she didn't order a regular taxi and a POS taxi cab pulled up and she was too scared to say no. This right here is BS! How do we report these people? Let me be out there requesting a ride and one show up!! I dare them!!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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