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The anti-taxi mob is absolutely correct.

The taxi industry as we know it will likely not exist in the next few years. You will be vilified.

Let's look ahead to 2020:
With little or no regulation, the current transportation system can be
a bargain for consumers. With TNC's constantly underbidding each
other, most companies base rates are less than thirty cents per mile.

But when was the last time you paid the base rate? Daytime travelers
are generally paying surges of five to ten times the base rate. With
surges up to 20x being the norm on weekend nights and other busy
times, is it any wonder that some of the riding public is clamoring for
legislators to enact laws to regulate the TNC industry?

With complaints of dirty and mechanically unsound vehicles, along with
drivers complaints of unfair commissions of 40% and higher, the Broward
County Commission is facing a problem thought to have been resolved years ago.

Since the 2016 deregulation and subsequent shutting down of the
antiquated taxi system, residents and visitors have seen prices skyrocket and quality suffer.

"Look, I hated the cabs and don't want them back, but we gotta do something",
said Harry Smith, 45, of Wilton Manors.

With no limit on the amount of TNC vehicles, residents are forced to tolerate
hundreds or thousands of TNC vehicles clogging roads in popular areas
such as Fort Lauderdale Beach.

Janis Stone, a longtime time resident of Fort Lauderdale, shook her head
as she looked at the traffic on A1A. "It's like a TNC parade. They're bumper
to bumper and crawling. They're all hoping for a fare."

Claude Saint-Ville, 51, a veteran driver with market giant Uber, said,"It's hard
to make money. Too many cars. For one hundred cars you find one customer.
Very bad. And Uber charge drivers too much."

When reached for comment, Broward County Mayor Chip LaMarca said,"This
is the free market at work. I do not see a problem the market cannot correct.
Over ten thousand jobs were created. I see no need to consider additional regulation."

It could happen.;)
30 years in the cab business and polishing my resume.
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