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BREAKING: 4 dead on “corona cruise ship” headed to Ft Lauderdale

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why is port Everglades allowing this literally deadly ship to dock here?

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Hey -- a ride is a ride.
Arbeit macht frei

RIP to those who lost their lives... but they are asking for trouble allowing them to dock here!
Agree. I can't imagine Broward County allowing them to dock at Port Everglades!
You GO Panama! Viva Panama!
Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead
Damn the speed, get the torpedoes ready!
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Good news. Both ships are docking at Port Everglades early this afternoon..."You are in a busy area!"

Another death cruise docked at Port Miami this afternoon. 2 dead, a bunch quarantined on the ship. The rest Uber'd to MIA.

JK. They bused them to MIA.
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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