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I would be working Farmington Hills, just had a interview with MICHIGAN GREEN CARS, they are hiring , you gotta work 12 hour shifts and your split is 35/65 ,,,65 to the company , anybody know about them, any good?
The upsides:

The cars are clean and well maintained. Hybrids at 45+ MPG, so your fuel bill is small. Car washes are free, and the cars are frequently detailed. If you get into an accident, or there is a mechanical problem, you can be back on the road quickly. You are responsible for up to the $1000 deductible if the wreck is your fault, but they will work with you to pay that over time. Not your fault, and you file a police report - no charge.

The primary dispatchers each have years of experience and are dedicated to their job. You can talk to a local human being instead of texting a robot or a barely trained CSR thousands of miles away and waiting hours or days for a response.

They have several local accounts, most of which include built-in tips. Speaking of tips, as a taxi driver, you are more likely to get tips (more than half your passengers will tip). The car graphics are sharp, and you are less likely to be harassed by cops and security guards. You can legally take walk-ups, and the dispatchers try to accommodate passenger requests for particular drivers whenever feasible. Speaking of passengers - with the higher fares, more of your passengers will be professionals, long time passengers, and accounts. So there are fewer issues with drunks and cheapskates.

The biggest downsides are the split and the assigned shifts. But keep in mind you are NOT wearing out your personal vehicle, you ARE getting tips (the company encourages accounts and passengers to tip), and they have full coverage commercial insurance, so you don't have to worry about your personal vehicle insurance being canceled.

Driving people from point-to-point, whether rideshare or taxi, can be challenging, sometimes frustrating. It can be feast or famine. But of all the companies in the area (and I've driven with, or had friends and associates with, several in the local area), Michigan Green Cabs is one of the best.

(Note: I have not driven for them in the last couple years, so the above details are subject to change)
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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