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WOW!!, WTF! I guess I got my answer, thanks brothers for being so straight with me... and my dumb ass was actually thinking about going out and buying a 4K Chrysler 300 (uber said it was ok) and only doing Black/Select runs working hell no more than 35-40 a week ( or less) and bring home about a G a week ( my weekends belong to me), DAMN, you guys saved me, thanks, next time I need a car I will try to request one of you...p.s. no one really did answer the question about how much $$ can a select driving working 40 week, metro Detroit/Ann arbor?
You can be select and black but when you get select or black pings once every couple hours you're gonna be forced to log into uberX and do uberX and uberpoo in that select/black car until that's literally all you do.

And to make a $1000 in Detroit rates per week would literally mean 80 hours a week.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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