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Meh. There's rideshare company in New York that started up with the same self-congratulatory fanfare. "We're for the drivers, we're going to give them stock options, drivers will own the company" etc etc etc. Then, once established, they changed this and backed out of it. "Sorry fellas, no stock options, the SEC says it'd be illegal to do that" etc etc etc.

At this stage, it's difficult to believe all the untruths, exaggerations and flat out lies that come out of all of these firms. So I'll place Bounce in the same category as the magical flying rideshare unicorn that flies over drivers, excreting free money all over them. Sounds great, and I'll believe it when I see it.

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Bounce is a pyramid scheme.
I have seen Bounce trade dress in San Diego.

Bounce is the Amway of ride share.
No way I am sharing my earnings with the person that recruited me.

Remember you are sharing your personal information with a company that has very little chance of making it.

In San Diego we had a guy try to start his own rideshare company, or appeared to.
He recruited thousands of drivers, received their personal information including photos of driver licenses. The web page went stale, and that guy dropped off the face of the earth with thousands of driver's personal info.

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If anyone wants to learn more about an amazing opportunity to make a change in this industry reach out to me personally. Bounce is the real deal and the doubters can join later and just work for better paying pings, that's fine by me. Just keep sitting on your hands and watch from the sidelines! That represents one thing and one thing only your second string material and not a starter on my team.

Bounce doing what were doing already but being treated and paid better with retirement benefits! The only thing is you have to earn it and a lot of people want it just given to them.
Contact me for the real facts, not people with assumptions or what they think they know. There clueless
Perhaps you should have chilled for a bit, maybe had a drink, maybe a tiny hit of the legal stuff.

Not peeing on your dream or anything; the problem is that it's your dream. You could have sold it better with a reasoned response but by inferring that anyone who's not in is a second stringer... let's just say it's going to win you new recruits.

Your grammar and punctuation leave a great deal to be desired. Those kind of flaws and your shoot-from-the-hip response don't give me any reason to be inspired by your leadership skills.

I wish you the best in your endeavors.

I'll be watching from the sidelines.
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