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On Saturday, after the parade in Hartford, Got a ping to a commuter lot, arrived only to find an ambulance sitting there.?.?.?..

The requestor had evidently enjoyed the festivities a little too much and passed out in his car, somebody called 911, since he wasn't diving, they called an ambulance, the ambulance revived him with oxygen and water but the police wouldn't let him back in his car, so he calls Uber... Made sure he's not going to be sick and get him a big Zip-Loc just in case, start the trip and he's headed to Brighton, MA, into the back set he goes and quickly passes out... $ 100 later, he's home, probably trying to figure out how he's going to get his car back...

But that's not the point of this post... the app is pinging like crazy, taking rides left and right.... never more than 5 minutes away, never more than a minute or two between rides... but holy crap the money's racking up faster than in CT and here's why...

Hartford rates = Base Fare: $ 1.00 Booking Fee: $ 1.80 $ 1.00 per mile $ 0.10 per minute
Boston rates = Base Fare: $ 2.00 Booking Fee: $ 1.32 $ 1.24 per mile $ 0.20 per minute

Needless to say, Saturday was a good day....

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Rates are typically higher in major cities like Boston, LA, DC, and SanFran. This is because of the higher cost of living and greater competition for drivers among Uber's competitors. NYC has significantly higher rates that surrounding locations like, NJ, CT and Westchester. A drivers' rate is based upon the pickup location, not the "home" location. For example, a NYC based driver picking up in NJ will get the NJ rate, not the NYC rate.
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