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Boston Convention Center-

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Whats the deal with the Boston Convention Center ? Reading thru past posts, and related news articles the issue always comes back to" nobodys really sure yet. "Where does it stand as of now if we can do pick ups drop offs etc. Do you need a Special Sticker- how much ?
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I had a drop off Tuesday AM at the Boston Convention Center. Usually I pull in by the Westin and let the pax out, but as I approached the building I saw that there were only a few vehicles stopped in front, so I pulled over and the let the pax out. I was approached by a Convention Center employee who told me the drop off area was for cabs only, even though it was mostly empty. When I asked where for Uber, he said "Maybe across the street".

When is the state and city going to realize that ridesharing is here to stay, where taxis are not so sure? Ubers can't use the many designated taxi stands and there are few legal options for pickups/drop offs on most city streets - you get the choice between stopping in a bus/taxi stop/crosswalk or blocking a travel lane or bike path or both. As far as I can see neither city or state has made any accommodation for ridesharing other than the Logan TNC lot, mess that it is. Time for Uber/Lyft to rally their riders to press for some reasonable accommodations to be made so rideshare can be safer for both pax and drivers.
A quick drop off and he's harassing you. Tell him to f off.

But the city did supposedly hire a hack to make pick up/drop off spots. They really need to add some at back bay station or south station. Those two places are cluster ****s.
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