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Boston Convention Center-

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Whats the deal with the Boston Convention Center ? Reading thru past posts, and related news articles the issue always comes back to" nobodys really sure yet. "Where does it stand as of now if we can do pick ups drop offs etc. Do you need a Special Sticker- how much ?
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Two official pick up areas for the convention center that I know of. One is on the side facing the city but in two years I’ve only had one request to pick up there. The other is on D st at lawn on D. When I’m dropping off there I typically just pull into the Westin.
I will pickup at Westin. The convention center is just too difficult. Mostly pax will only go to seaport restaurants or hotels. Sucks.
But if it's a big conference like last week, their hotel might be in Back Bay Cambridge Newton etc.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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