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All of a sudden I'm not seeing my boost in my trip earnings. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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Boost? I've been seeing the term the last week or so. What is it? I'm aware of surge. I am aware of gold, platinum, etc. status? Is this something different?
Boost is the bonus you get for driving in the reward zone at specified hours, it is separate and different from surge.
Thanks. Got it. It is related to and result of the gold, platinum, etc. status.
Yes, the higher your status, the higher your boost. Heavy Metal Programme status is determined by the previous week's trip count which can be taken anywhere and anytime.
Boost does motivate me to take pools, which I ignore outside of the higher boost times, as it adds to my trip count to set me up for next week.
Uber Pool / Stool is only useful in improving trip count for the week.
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1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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