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Boost in my area? Ubereats

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So last week my area lost boost.
Starting this morning everyone is showing boost is back, except for me!

Talked with support, gave me nothing, just that they are not offering it to me.

The other people I've talked to stopped driving last week because of no boost. I continued to drive 50+ hours.

What's going on?
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Boost is individually granted to ants Uber likes...just sayin'
That's what it feels like

This is for Uber eats.
According to Uber that's not how it works for boost. It's either available or not, no qualifications, it just can rotate from City to city.
The problem is my area is a boost zone.
It's NOT market to market. It's INDIVIDUAL.

I get some boosts...other times I don't, but other Miami drivers do.

Boost is a tool for Uber's benefit -- not yours -- to get you do do something they want.
  • Sometimes your interests and the company's coincide and it's a good thing.
  • Sometimes it would be a good thing, but you don't get the offer.
  • Sometimes you get the offer and go ...really? (happens a LOT with Lyft).
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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