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If he was legit he won't run like that from camera remind of that tv show 'Cowboy builders' when they get caught.

Somebody call don, new show exposing 'Cowboy london black cab drivers'
Best taxi service in the world, best drivers in the world, voted year after year...world renowned...
And still you can't get over it...my fun is watching idiots like you watching your earnings piss away..
I've driven for 20 years...this job given me terraced house in Putney (no mortgage), 2 buy to let's (1 in Kent, 1 in Cheltenham ) a small apartment in La Manga (no mortgage).. I've got a few quid in the bank although my house in Putney is my pension (high 6 figure value)
...I tell you this not to brag, but just to shut your prattle...
I implore any half decent Uber driver to do the knowledge (green)... It's not as good as 10 years ago but it's still great..
Double bottle on Sunday in 10 hours
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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