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Might have just got out definitely looks like he recently worked for Uber.

This video shot on 9 July 2106, shows bogus fake potently criminal London black cab drivers working in the city.

As we already know the most rape committed by single individual in uk legal history is a london black cab driver question is how common this problem is.

In london you could be walking on to the taxi rank and chance are as this video show that driver is not registered by law, he could be a rapist or violent crimnal.

All aways use electronic booking system don't expose your self to these crimnals.

Cue Betty pls
& ACTION all black cab trolls

see how you defend this weakness in your so called professional trade where any criminal can jump in london black cab and cause harm to passengers .
You can tell this is an Uber driver that has borrowed/nicked the cab all day long I mean the Double Tree Hilton on Pepys St (Close to Tower Hamlets)He's tried his luck & got caught because when he didn't know somewhere he didn't have the brain to pull off the rank he thought he'd just (Cancel)But when the person didn't get his £5 he got sussed out so there you go John John, Clive or whatever your name is..... As it goes how do we know it wasn't you ?
1 - 5 of 6 Posts
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