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Ha ha Carsi reckons they are *********..... all the while Travis's Dicks Head is right up your jacksy as you bend over for him.




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because at this moment is no worth to become a black cab. business is slow there, because of uber. if uber get banned then earnings as a black cab will grow again
Black Cab earnings may well be less than in the heyday. The same goes for many trades, plasterers, bricklayers, plumbers etc.

But hour per hour I still think a Black Cab will earn better than your average PH Driver, the better Independant Chauffeurs will often earn a similar amount to Cabbies, though many earn more quite often. Expenses such as vehicle costs and depreciation will be more though.

Fed dogs and faces also earn much better money than cannon fodder. Think £1500/2000 a week turnover.

The issue is how much work they have to put in to make their money.

The Taxi trade has gone from shooting fish in a barrel to having to compete with Apps.

Unfortunately the "head in the sand" nature of some Cabbies is detrimental to the trade as a whole.

And that travelling public are bored of the "we are the best World" line that is spouted all the time. And the comparison to a Lawyer or Doctor is plain laughable.

There is no denying they are the best Taxi drivers as far as road knowledge goes when they start working on the road.

However they also conveniently forget that a PH driver or Courier will also build up a map of London in their brain by doing their job, not as focussed or structured as doing the KoL but it will happen.

The only way for many Taxi drivers as far as Knowledge goes is down as some of the information they have absorbed during the knowledge is rarely used and will be forgotten.

Apart from views on immigration, they remain a constant or may even increase as a reason for a decline in earnings is sought.

The caveat with a PH Driver being that if they rely on SatNav they will not benefit as much, if atall from the miles travelled as he will not develop spatial awareness beyond looking intently at a small screen and following instructions.
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