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In 2016, businesses, drivers, riders, the community, and the Honolulu City Council spent hundreds of hours working together to pass sensible regulations for Transportation Network Companies. These regulations were created to level the playing field as a compromise between ridesharing and taxi.

Despite this collaborative hard work, a handful of taxi company owners pushed Honolulu City Council Chair Ernie Martin to introduce Bill 35. This bill would force the city's Department of Customer Services to set Uber's prices in Honolulu. The Department has testified they do not want to set our prices, do not think they should set our prices, and taxi prices (the highest in the nation) should instead be given more flexibility. Despite this objection from the Department, hundreds of letters in opposition to the bill, and passionate in-person testimony from drivers and members of the community, the Council is still pushing Bill 35.

On June 6, the Honolulu City Council passed Bill 35 on a 6-3 vote. If this legislation ultimately becomes law, we will evaluate our ability to continue operating in Honolulu.

Contact your Councilmember by phone or email and urge them to reconsider their support for Bill 35. We hope to continue offering greater control, convenience and choice to riders and drivers and appreciate your continued support of Uber on Oahu!

Posted by Uber Hawaii

Looks like this will eliminate a few more drivers and free up the market some more!!! Make sure you contact your reps in support of bill 35 guys!!!

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Basically the bill requires more upfront time investment in certifications/tests before you can become a driver barring entry. I think it will also force uber to match current cab fares ( 2x as much)

Sounds like a deal to me!!!! GOOOOO BILL 35!!!!!!
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