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Warning: Not only can you get issued a $238 ticket for an illegal turn onto Market Street between 8th Street and 3rd Street, but you could get issued another ticket for an illegal stop at a bus zone or no stopping zone if your pax asks you to drop them off on Market Street which has no legal parking for private cars between 8th street and 3rd street.

This morning around 6:07 am, I received a ping for an UberPool, #1 pax pick up on Balboa at 22nd Ave (drop off at CVS Pharmacy store, 731 Market btwn 3rd St and 4th St), #2 pax on McAllister near Geary Blvd (drop off at 555 California at Kearny, the former Bank of America HQ building). Here is the problem, my Garmin GPS said to drive down Geary (which becomes O' Farrell) and turn left onto Market and 731 Market would be on the right side, and 731 Market is between 4th St and 3rd St, thus I would be violating the new no-turn onto Market law and risking a $238 ticket which Uber would not reimburse. I informed pax #1 that I would need to take a detour so that I would not violate the new law, get caught by police and issued a ticket. I drove down Van Ness, turned left on Fell, down 10th St, left on Jessie, left on 9th St, and right on Market. I dropped on #1 pax in front of the CVS, luckily no car or police directly behind me. I checked my Uber daily rating and it is at 2.67 for the last 10 rides so I am sure my last two pax (UberPool) gave me 1-star ratings because of the detour and because I asked them for advice for the shortest route to avoid turning between 3rd and 8th streets. Many pax do not rate their rides until their next Uber ride. Normally, I drive the East Bay (Oakland and Berkeley), but almost everyday I receive requests to drive someone from Berkeley or Oakland to SFO (San Francisco Airport) and sometimes I decide to drive to the Richmond district of SF to make some more money before I drive back home to the East Bay. I could have cancelled the first UberPool request, but I would have no idea of the drop off unless I called or texted pax #1.

Point of story: Be very care not to turn into Market between 8th St and 3rd St. You never know if one or more pax will rate you 1-star for no fault of you own. I told the riders that I did not want to risk a $238 ticket and if I was caught making an illegal turn, they would both be late for work.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Come Tuesday, in the latest evolution of the thoroughfare, private vehicles will be barred from turning onto Market between Third and Eighth streets -an effort to reduce the number of collisions injuring pedestrians and bicyclists. Commercial vehicles, including delivery trucks, taxis and private shuttles, will be exempt.

The quick version: Drivers can traverse Market on cross streets between Third to Eighth, but can't turn onto it. For now, a right turn from northbound Fifth Street onto eastbound Market will be permitted but only until Ellis Street reopens; it's closed for Central Subway construction.

Changes on Market Street
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