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Best tip of the month!

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Angelos pizza. Open till 4 AM. Just north of Allstate Arena close to the Target.
That looks delicious! I have been offered McDonalds a few times and I usually respond by saying "Thank you, I don't eat McDonald's".
How bout a coffee, or other item you will accept?
It makes them feel better.

apple slices???

even a bottle of water

think outside the box
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Very true. I carry my own copper bottle of water. The water is let to stay in a copper pot filled with basil leaves over night. Plus the copper bottle is super handy when you need to use it as a baton. I ll take an apple :) but will eat it after I remove the wax on it.
good enough for me.....thank you, but you really don't have to eat/drink any of the items....You made the rider happy by accepting their offer.
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LOL, look what I got along with my slice of pizza!

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