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This my friend is a silly question without knowing where you live, what hours you're willing to work, and where you're willing to travel... Kappish?
If you're willing to work ONLY during peak hours of the morning and evening rush hour, you can get surges almost all over the market. Experience will be your key to understanding. I'll tell you what I WON'T do any longer after one year driving.... WILL NOT wait queues at airports, WILL NOT do any EwberPOOL rides unless it's on a surge of 1.5x or higher, WILL NOT travel long distances from my home to get my first drive.... I"m lucky, I live in a very busy area. This is for you to find out my friend.... please put in the time, and learn from experiences both good and bad. Repeat the good, do not repeat the bad. You're in this to make a profit..... it's your gas, your time, and your wear and tear on that car of yours.
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