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Best gig platforms

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Most of us have changed up out strategy during this crisis and put driving passengers as a secondary option, I'd be interested to see earning postings from other platforms to see which platform is working out best for everyone else. For me it's Amazon flex, I got lucky to be able to get into their platform around Thanksgiving time, what I do now is go to Whole Foods (usually the Wheaton location) and wait for an instant offer. The base is usually $15 plus tips, with tips I've made more than $60 an hr at times. I started doing Uber eats but that's much more of a grind than this imo. Anyways here are some of my earnings from that, let's see some other platforms..
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Would listing your Instacart referral codes break TOS here? Might look into it.
...or send a message through "start a conversation" to those who request it. I do.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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