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Background Check

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How long did everyone have to wait for there background to come back?? I'm sitting on about 5 weeks and I keep getting a generic email answer or I'm getting told I have one phase left in my background then I am good to go.
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I only waited 2 weeks, but I'm in a small town area in podunk, Iowa. I've been "online" 3 evenings for a total of 6 hours and had 5 riders. :) I'm only doing it to have something to do during the time I would normally be sitting in my daughter's dance studio waiting for her to finish class. I have a good gas-mileage car and people in Iowa are generally nice. College students don't tip, but I'll keep doing it for a while. Tons of people in my area don't even know what Uber *is*, so I'm thinking demand will go up over time. It's still paying me more than sitting and waiting. ;)
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