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Well, if you happen to be near there...why not take someone to work? I did have a bad experience in Bedford though. Was only over there cuz the city next to it was surging, but the only request I got was for Bedford. I waited 5 minutes for this guy to come out and wanted to cancel, but knew he would be late to work if I did and had pity. At 8 minutes it's 8:40 and he finally arrives. He then yells at me about how I'm "jamming him up" because I'm only going the speed limit. I came close to kicking him up, but completed the ride and dropped him off at work at 9:00 but the kicker is: He was due there at 8:00!!! Freaking oversleeps and thinks I'm getting a ticket to shave a minute or two of his hour late. What a creep! He looked like a nice guy too, looks are deceiving!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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