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Well it's like this, even though I don't earn as much hourly than a taxi driver, I don't have to do all the crap like a taxi driver does working a shift. If I don't feel like driving drunks around at 3 am, I go offline.

I can watch the amount of other drivers and turn on my app when others are burnt out, all from my comfy bed. Sitting for 12 hours in the hot sun sucks ass

I do have to do longer hours and advertise myself a bit, but customers like my availability and give me trips and more customers.

When it's hot the ants drive around with their apps and ac on, they can't do what I do because many don't live here.

So as long as I'm clearing more per week than a taxi driver, who cares?

Taxi companies are famous for keeping drivers poor, changing their shifts around so they don't make too much money.

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i pick what days I show up to get a car, pick it up at 9:00 am and make my own hours.

And if I don't want to go to the hood I don't go to the hood. If I want to go to disney world, I go to disney world. I want to work the suburbs, I work the suburbs.

I pick it up at 9:00 am then when 9:00 am rolls around I have a choice to either take the car for another day or turn it in. No questions asked.

Most days I do 5:00 pm to 12:30-1:00 am and then 4:00 am to 9:00 am. I'm in the habbit of wearing my Pjs to the shop to pick up the cab and then go home for a nap until 5:00 pm. The best hours of the day all rolled into one with a 3 hour break to watch netflix and take a nap.

They also do $50 advances no interest, no questions asked..

They also finance the Insurance deductible at $5.00 per day worked. Not $35 a week. $5.00 per day worked.

$5.00 a day is a lot less of a pill to swallow then $800 in one go, which is all the insurance deductible is for being stupid.

And they only charge the insurance deductible if your found to be at fault and don't get fired over the accident. And it's being found at fault by the police.

And it's in their interest for you to not be at fault, because if you're not at fault they can shake down the other guy's insurance and they aren't looking at a lawsuit.

And most importantly I make substantially more than I could driving uberX, because orlando.
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